Frequently Asked Questions

Customer Service:

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Are there returns?

  • Unfortunately due to the nature of collectibles, we do not offer returns or refunds at this time. 

Where does Cam-Arts ship from?

  • The United States

Does Cam-Arts ship outside of The United States?

  • We do! There may be extra shipping charges depending on the location, but you will be invoiced before shipment to confirm the total price.

Is COVID-19 affecting shipments?

  • COVID-19 may delay the release date of Pre-Order items as they are ordered to the store from overseas. However, these dates will be updated accordingly on product pages to display the current expected release date.
  • All items are shipped from within the United States, shipping for In-Stock items will not be affected by COVID-19.

    How do Pre-Orders work?

      • Pre-Orders are available for items that tend to sell out before they get released, to ensure our customers get one for market price!
      • Payment is required immediately to Pre-Order an item.
      • If you order multiple items, or a bundle/lot that includes a Pre-Order, the full order will be held for shipment until all of the items have been released.
      • All Pre-Orders include an additional Pre-Order Bonus from Cam-Arts! Pre-Order Bonuses are usually small figures/statues that we will ship with your Pre-Order once it is released.
    • *Backorders are items that have been released, but are not currently in stock. Similarly to a Pre-Order, you can confirm that you will get one at market price.  

    Why buy from Cam-Arts?

    • We offer 100% authentic products only. Not only do we offer reliability, but we have spent years building up our YouTube review channel, Cam-Arts, and making a point to let viewers know how to tell bootlegs from genuine products.
    • We try to offer the lowest prices on the internet.
    • We are licensed to sell these products. 


    Company started in 2016.