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Kawieshan Warriors Kawieshans Collectible Trading Card Game Starter Kit

Kawieshan Warriors Kawieshans Collectible Trading Card Game Starter Kit

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Kawieshan Warriors Kawieshans Collectible Trading Card Game Collector's Kit

Welcome to the wonderful world of Kawiesh! This starter's kit includes everything you need to begin your adventure! Complete with (38) 1st Edition cards. The cards included in this starter edition are cut for player (s) convenience.


- All 1st Edition cards, except the exclusive Artist / Creative card pair

- Small Kawieshans Collectible Trading Card Game starter's case

- 2 Limited Edition / Starter's Exclusive 1st Edition Om cards

How to play: This game is made for collectors and families to have the maximum amount of fun! It is easy to understand, so that anyone ages 10+ can enjoy it

  • Basic Rock Paper Scissors functionality using legion, Chimera, and goddess
  • These three types (legion, Chimera, and goddess) are Alpha cards
  • Chimeras control (and defeat) a legion. A goddess defeats a Chimera, and a legion defeats a goddess

Types of cards: Alpha cards (used to challenge another player, and defend from challenges), Omega cards (which can be used as Alpha cards, to challenge or defend another player), and Om cards (used in addition to Alpha and Omega cards)

Gameplay (Play Game / Rules)

Start the game by challenging another player. Each player in battle selects their Alpha card before battle.

In battle: Follow the legion, Chimera, and goddess rule, stated above in “How to play”. If there is a tie, the player’s card that has the highest stat total wins the challenge (unless otherwise stated by an Omega or Om card)


  • The goal of the game is to reach level 10 (Novice Mode), or 15 (Master Journey) – player’s choice
  • Gain 1 level per successful (won) challenge. Do not lose a level after losing an attack (unless otherwise stated)
  • The cards explain when to lose a level (or levels) to begin the game.
  • Level 5s and higher lose 1 level per defeat (on defense). Do not gain a level after winning a defense (unless otherwise stated)

The Planet of Kawiesh:

The Planet of Kawiesh is a combat planet, and is used to determine universal debates and conflicts. Home to many Kawieshan Warriors, the planet has a unique build, and resembles a Möbius strip. It is rumored to have been altered by the very goddesses that reside there, as a defense mechanism to any annihilation protocols installed by other planets.

Kawieshan land is not owned, but merely occupied in territories. However, there are many castles where the goddesses, queens, princesses, and their legions (often) reside.

More at the official Kawieshan Warriors website.


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